“What I love about Illuminate is that it has taught me to not be afraid to share the gospel and to be a pioneer. Because we might not be here tomorrow to share it and we can change so many lives by just having a loving heart towards people. I was reminded that the Gospel is way too good not to give away, and if we don’t then who will?"

— Illuminate Nations Intern Fall 2016


“Illuminate Nations is changing the world right now literally as we speak. They risk their lives going to these different countries to help spread the gospel to as many people as they can, and have seen so many lives transformed. They are such a loving group of people committed to reaching the lost and just saying yes to going to the unreached nations!

— Illuminate Nations Intern Fall 2016


“I had been on mission trips before, but the Exposure Trip with Illuminate Nations placed a new fire and a new desire in me. It brought forth a new love for people and a new love for the Lord like I had never known. I left that mission field knowing that God wasn’t done with me, in fact it was only the beginning. The Illuminate Nations team is a team filled with leaders who are ALL led by God; every action and every plan was covered by the glory of God. I had learned what it meant to truly be led and what it meant to truly allow God to lead. This organization is one whose sole purpose is to bring glory and honor to God’s name. "

— Exposure Trip Member Summer 2016


"Anyone who gets the chance to be a part of such a movement will forever be blessed. This is truly an organization that hears the word of God and follows Him, obediently and whole-heartedly. An organization led by those with such great faith. It is without hesitation to say that Illuminate Nations is filled with World-Changers."

— Exposure Trip Member Summer 2016


"Illuminate Nations is a non-profit that awakens people to look past themselves and see God’s heart for the unreached. It inspires people to not only live missionally in their local neighborhoods, but to do so while simultaneously serving others across the globe. This organization is a testament to the heart of Jesus when he expresses his purposes in Matthew 28:18-20."

— Illuminate Nations Disciple Spring 2018


"The passion that I saw and felt among the Illuminate Nations team is contagious! Stepping into Illuminate Nations, I could instantly feel that I stepped into a radical group of world-changers who were committed to sharing an authentic gospel with each encounter they had. In each of the events that I have attended, I have seen dozens of people receive passion and vision from the Lord and be set free to pursue what He is calling them to. There is an atmosphere of liberation at Illuminate Nations events that has been so powerful in catalyzing people from multiple generations to become influential for the Kingdom of Christ."

— Illuminate Nations Intern Spring 2016


"Illuminate Nations is committed to serving with integrity, and to affirming the worth and adding value to the local people of each place they go. The business model of this non-profit, the quality of their products, and the heart behind what they do is highly impressive. I would whole-heartedly recommend this organization to others!"

— Illuminate Nations Intern Fall 2017


"When I  think of Illuminate Nations I  think.. Community, strategy, the kind of people who will be worn out when they get to the gates of heaven because of their ministry on earth..I heard about Illuminate Nations in 2016, and I  knew immediately that the Lord had his hand all over their work!! The community they have created around them both here and in the nations speaks to the power of God over their ministry. They are incredibly resourceful and strategic in the way that they make the gospel known to those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus. I’m so grateful that when my husband and I contribute to the work Illuminate Nations is embarking on, we are making a difference in the kingdom and also to the real needs of refugees and those needing Jesus right now."

— Donor; Illuminate Nations Intern Fall 2017


"Illuminate Nations is an incredible organization making a tangible difference for Christ throughout the ends of the earth. I am confident that through the pioneering vision of Illuminate Nations many lives will be impacted for the kingdom of God."

                 — David Njoroge