This children’s home reaches out specifically to refugee children in a Muslim country in Southern Asia. For their protection, we can’t give out all the details, but they provide a very special home to raise children from a hopeless past to a Christ-filled future.


The Refugee Children’s Home provides care, love and education for five very special little boys. They are a part of a people group who have been living in refugee camps for the last three generations. These people have poor living conditions, are rarely educated, and have only in recent years been considered citizens in their country. These five boys live in the only children’s home in the nation open to their people. They will be among the few who receive an education and have the opportunity to raise families of their own outside of the camps. These special five have the chance to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy for their people.


Local missionaries Abraham and Shalomi went against societal norms to reach out and share the love of Jesus in the ostracized refugee camp. After years of praying and building relationship, they were able to see their dream for a children’s home come to life. In August of 2014 they took in the first of what they hope to be many refugee kids. These first five are a set of energetic, curious, affectionate boys who are being taught all about the love the Christ and his plan for their lives.