ABOUT Illuminate Nations



Making Disciples

The focal point of the final commission of the Lord Jesus prior to His ascension is baptizing new followers of Christ and teaching them His ways. We hold the primary place of church planting as an unalterable conviction. This is reflected in the focus of our school and the way in which we train prospective missionaries.

The Power of the Gospel and the Power of the Spirit

We believe there is no substitute for the spoken witness of the gospel that is articulated with boldness and clarity. This means that the rich substance of the gospel must be keenly understood from the New Testament and that laborers undertake immersive language learning in order to declare it in the tongue of the unregenerate. Yet we also recognize the dire need for the power of the Holy Spirit, regardless of accuracy of doctrine and fluency of language. The ACTS school, therefore, seeks to impart a vision for weighty conviction in the ministry of preaching as well as seeking signs and wonders to attend the speaking of the truth. 

Study of God’s Word

The ACTS School aims to cultivate a supreme love for God’s word and train those who will be mighty in the scriptures (Acts 18:24), recognizing that this was the one quality specifically described as necessary for being a workman approved by God (2 Tim 2:15). Students become familiar with the substance of the Bible, receive extensive teaching on biblical themes, and acquire tools for their own study of the scriptures.

Unreached and Unengaged People Groups

God desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Yet if there is to be a witness of the gospel in every ethnos(Mt. 24:14), and if God desires that every tribe and tongue be gathered in worship before Him (Rev. 7:9), then there must be a radical prioritization on the thousands of unreached and unengaged people groups reflected in both training and sending. ACTS feels compelled to focus exclusively upon frontier missions in its labor as an organization.

Christ-centered community

We make it a priority to establish a community that devotes itself to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to a corporate prayer life. It’s in the quality of life together in the Spirit, and communities rooted and grounded in love, that we both demonstrate and exalt Christ and by which the world may know that the Father sent His Son.

Worship and Prayer 

God’s glorification as expressed through joyful acts of worship stands is at the center of the reason for creation and conversion alike. Worship, therefore, must be central methodologically as well as theologically paramount in the Great Commission. Furthermore, prayer was the cornerstone of the corporate life of the early church, it is the heartbeat of the individual Christian life, and was the sole remedy offered by the Lord Jesus to the dearth of laborers for the harvest. Students in the ACTS School, therefore, spend twenty hours a week in corporate prayer and worship as an essential part of their training and spiritual formation and have additional time in their weekly schedule for personal devotion to the Lord. We desire to send forth singing servants of Jesus who cry out with prevailing intercession in even the hardest and darkest places in the earth.

The Gifts, Power and the Government of the Holy Spirit

We value the Holy Spirit as the primary leader of Christ’s church on the earth; we believe the Holy Spirit is still equipping the saints with gifts for the end of exalting Jesus and empowering the completion of His commission.


The glory of Christ will be the joyful anthem of every tribe and tongue only if missionary work forges on with zeal even where hostility to the gospel is present. The final horizons of the Great Commission will only be reached when a generation of prospective missionaries beholds the splendor of Jesus and concludes that choosing discomfort and risk is right and wise in light of His surpassing worth. A costly sacrifice is inherent to life as a missionary and has a holy design in God’s plan for the proliferation of the gospel.

The Return of Jesus

We believe that the return of Jesus is to be “the blessed hope” (2 Tim 4:8) of every believer and that the scriptures repeatedly and undeniably link the fulfillment of the Great Commission with the end of the age and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior. The ACTS school unapologetically embraces this hope as central to the Christian worldview and indispensable to effectiveness in frontier missions.