how we began



At the age of 17, our founder heard the Lord whisper the phrase “illuminate nations”. Completely unsure what that even meant or would have the potential to mean, she found herself chasing God-sized dreams and burdens for the unsaved — in some of the world’s most unlikely corners. Her willingness to follow the Lord wherever and whenever he led, resulted in her spending months overseas engaging some of the most unreached people groups in the world.

In 2013, various individuals began to catch the vision. Since then, Illuminate Nations has carried the gospel to 21+ nations collectively. The culmination of boldness and obedience has now landed this God-breathed vision into full existence across the globe. 

Illuminate Nations aspires to be a community of pioneers, a launching pad to equip zealous “goers”, and a platform to give individuals the opportunity to execute their individual craft for the Kingdom. In that, we are a group of passionate people – some who are “goers” and some who are “senders”. We recognize that the Great Commission cannot be fulfilled by a breed of one kind; rather it must take the body of Christ uniting. We strive to highlight each individuals God-given talents - no matter what that may be - and use it for the glory of God in both “traditional” missionary pioneering as well as “tentmaking” by sharing the Gospel through creative mediums.

The beauty in this community is that it is not for the “elite”, the “chosen”, the “select few”. It is not even about people with talents. It is for you; it is for me. The average person who serves an above average God!

This is who we are – this is Illuminate Nations – will you join us?


Spencer Margaret