We wholeheartedly believe that the most effective way to forerun the gospel in unreached nations is through the national people, in the national language. That is why Illuminate Nations partners with indigenous leaders in each region that we work in, coming alongside of the dreams and visions that they have to see the gospel made famous in their communities. We empower these local leaders to fulfill the God dreams on their hearts.


We understand that community transformation looks different in each region - this is why Illuminate Nations works to develop contextualized, integral initiatives specific to the people and demographics we work in. We sponsor children's homes, build churches and schools, respond to disasters and crises with relief aid, and work with locals to develop discipleship programs. Learn more about our initiatives.


Gospel expansion is our foundation. The hope of our work is to partner what God is doing in America (via people, resources, expertise) with what God is doing in the nations (via pastors, opportunity, stories). This looks like leading international exposure trips, domestic outreach, evangelism, crisis response, partnerships, and unifying the global church. 


Discipleship is a defining characteristic of believers in Jesus. The Great Commission invites us to "make disciples" - to raise up others in the word of God to continue carrying the the banner of the gospel. We forerun this discipleship both internationally through our partners as well as domestically through local partner ministries and churches at our American bases in Virginia and Texas.


Illuminate Nations is committed to being a voice for the voiceless, bringing justice and awareness to the needs and stories of real people around the world. We believe that there are stories that ache to be told, which is why we are dedicated to using media as a means to raise awareness. Our I AM REFUGEE campaign is a perfect example of our visual storytelling advocacy methods.

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