Sponsor a Child


Sanga is a Nepali woman who beams with compassion for her people. Wholly devoted to the one true God, Sanga spends her life advocating for the marginalized and orphaned. As a young woman, she adopted 14 orphaned children from several remote regions of the nation of Nepal, ranging from ages 6 months to 21 years old. She has taken these beautiful children into her children’s home, where she nourishes, educates, and nurtures them with the love of Christ. Additionally, Sanga spends her time ministering to women who have been revoked from their villages and caught up in the treterous sex trafficking industry. She travels to high Himalaya regions of Nepal as well as to India to teach and empower women to rise above the dark futures prescribed to so many of them.

Due to persecution from the Hindus, she often has to move homes completely – sometimes as often as every 6 months. She has a dream to buy land, where she hopes to build a children’s home as well as a transition home for women who are seeking an escape from the grip of prostitution and trafficking. These two buildings will be connected by a community hall, which will serve as a church for the locals. Sanga’s dream is big, but we know that with help from people such as yourself, her God-inspired dreams can become reality.

Ever since meeting Sanga in 2012, we have seen this dream pressed upon her heart. She has a zeal and passion to reach a nation. All she needs is someone to come alongside of her and chase the vision. Generations, societies, and souls will be transformed as a result of this friendship. Sanga has become a dear friend and sister to the Illuminate Nations community. Now, we are asking you to be a part of what the King of Kings is doing in the nation of Nepal.

We are currently providing for Sanga’s basic needs, but join with us as we grow together to find a way to pursue her God-sized dream of having her own home for her children and her women.