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Celebrate with us! After over a year of construction, Lighthouse Children’s home is finally moving into their very own house in a village area of Varanasi, India. After being forced to move eighteen times in a two-year period, they rejoice being able to own their own home where their children have plenty of room to run and play.


Nyzil and Shweta are the local Christian couple that founded and oversee the children’s home. They both have a passion to see the love of the Kingdom of God impact their nation and transform their communities. Shweta’s heart for orphans was birthed in her early childhood, when the passing of her mother left her to care for her three younger siblings. After marrying Nyzil, the dream only grew, especially when they began to have difficulty conceiving. In February of 2014 their dream became a reality as they began to take in orphaned and abused children from the streets and villages of India. After nearly two years, Nyzil and Shweta continue to grow in their love for the children and the desire to see their home expand to many more in need. In the future they want to train and empower others to start more children’s homes in Varanasi. Nyzil and Shweta also do ministry in red light districts, slums, schools, prisons, and local villages.


Nyzil and Shweta have cared for over twenty children in the past two years of running Lighthouse Children’s Home. The children they adopt into the home came from lives of begging, desperation, and extreme poverty. Some of the younger children once lived at local train stations and relied on handouts to survive. Most of the older girls came from similar walks of life, relying on begging after becoming orphaned or being abused by their families. Of the eight young women, one has already married a pastor, and five are at a bible training school in Lucknow. All of the children in the home are also taught trades or crafts in order to support themselves and their future families. Lets rejoice that they all now have a caring family and the knowledge of a heavenly Father who loves them!