What should I expect?

Expect to be challenged both physically and spiritually. Preparation in both areas will increase our ability to respond to however The Lord is leading us. Plan to pack light, and hike a multi hour climb to remote villages. Expect to contribute toward the planning and executing of youth conferences and children’s programs. Be ready in any location to share the gospel, and your personally testimony. Expect freedom, healing, redemption, and salvation for the people of Nepal and India.


What will the cost be?

Fluctuating flight prices make cost hard to determine. $2,000 is our estimated cost and will cover airfare, on the ground transportation, food and lodging. This price does not include any gear, passport or visas you may need to acquire.


What will the tentative schedule be?

Teams will fly out of Houston the first week of August for a two week trip. The team will spend the first half of the trip in Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India and birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism. We will partner with local missionaries to disciple the kids from LightHouse Children’s Home, pray over places of darkness, and minister alongside local pastors in churches, villages and slums. A train ride to Kathmandu will began a similar second week of ministry in Nepal alongside other local pastors, missionaries and children’s homes. Return flights will depart from Kathmandu, Nepal on the third week of August.


How do I apply?

Fill out our online application. Pray and ask The Lord if this summer he is sending you to the nations. We will be praying about the same thing and you will here from us soon!


How many people will be on my team?

We like to keep our teams at about 10 people max. We will update you on the exact team members once all applications have been finalized. 


Do I need to know the language? 

No. We will have translators while on the ground. However, we highly recommend learning some basic phrases so that you can connect with the local people. Learn Nepali phrases here and Hindi phrases here.


Will there be translators?

Yes, we always work on the ground with locals - many of whom speak English as well as the local dialects. You will have the opportunity to share the gospel and minister to the locals via these translators. 


What should I pack?

No worries, Illuminate Nations will email you a packing list appropriate for your journey.


How will we travel from place to place?

It complete depends on the distance. In the City we take taxis or Rickshaw’s. For longer distances we buy tickets for day journeys in a bus or train.


How does fundraising work?

Upon your acceptance to the trip, we will email you a fundraising packet.


Will I need a visa?

You will not need a visa for the Nepal portion of the trip, but you will need a visa for India. This will have an addition fee - once our team has reviewed your application, we will send you information regarding the visa particulars. 


Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee for Illuminate Nations Exposure Trips.


What happens after I submit my application?

Our team will review your application and get in touch with you to have a follow up conversation within a couple weeks of your application submission.


Will I need to buy travel insurance?

Yes, as part of our policy we require team members to purchase basic travel insurance through Allianz Travel Insurance. Don't worry, we will give you more information about this one you've been accepted. 


How will I keep in contact with my family while overseas?

You will have access to wifi a good amount during the extent of the trip. There will be times when the team will be in rural village settings and no wifi will be available, but we make sure that team members are able to contact their family members on a regular basis.


Is this trip safe?

There is nothing safer than being in The Lord’s will! However; this region of the world is hostile towards the gospel and we do risk both our own safety and that of our local contacts with the things we do. That’s why we pray together every day for the Lord’s guidance and protection over us, and follow the guidance of the local pastors and missionaries we work with. The entire team will be briefed on safety measures before the trip so we are able to be both aware and bold when we arrive.  


Can I get college credit?

We do not offer college credit at this point. However, if you are a Liberty University student, we do offer CSER credit.