With the People

I cherish every moment I get to spend with the people - learning, eating and doing life with them. What I enjoy most is sitting on the kitchen floor with the nationals and getting my hands dirty mixing flour, baking soda and water to make momo's. Being here has catalyzed my heart like crazy to be a messenger of the Gospel.


After getting lost with no money, no phone and standing in the front of the gates of a hindu temple at night, it was there that Jesus taught me I get to shift the atmosphere of darkness with praise and thanksgiving. It was on the bus ride, not knowing how I was going to pay for the bus, let alone say that I don't have money in Nepali, that Jesus reminded me that He is the one that sustains me for the long hall and that He longs for the vulnerability of the very ones He has created.


It was at a hindu religious festival where I saw thousands of people standing in line for hours. Military helicopters flying above, police officers on the ground, people getting carried out on stretchers, passed out from being drunk, all where waiting just to get in to see and bow down to a god that cannot see and cannot hear. It was there, where God opened my eyes to urgency of the hour and the battle for souls.


It was in unreached villages that I saw Jesus receive His reward. It was in an earthquake torn city where I got to sit in the slums with those whose homes have been destroyed. It was in my room, where time and time again I would sit down with my guitar and sing my heart out to Jesus, that He taught me that the only thing that should ever propel me to go is Him. It is love sickness for the return of the Bridegroom. That's why I go, that's why I wake up in the morning and work endlessly because I want Jesus to return - to be with Him face to face. 


All this to say, I am amazed by the kindness of Jesus. I am amazed by His simple obedience to the Father. I am amazed that He never once looked away or turned away from difficult situations. I am amazed that He knows the desires of my heart. I am amazed that He never once was afraid but so confidant in whom His father is. I am amazed by His choice to love selflessly and sacrificially. His leadership amazes me. His method to change the world, by taking 12 men, doing life with them and then telling them to go and do likewise, it amazes me. I am amazed that He is faithful and true and that one day, so very soon, He is not just coming back for you or me, but He is coming back for the world. He is faithful. He is true. He is the righteous judge.



Illuminate Nations