Petition for More

Have you ever wanted life to be fair? Have you ever looked at a situation in life that wasn’t fair and wondered why things were the way they were?

5 years old- I don’t get all the toys in the store. Not fair.
7 years old- brother gets more cookies because he’s older. Not fair.
9 years old- Daddy is killed in an accident. Not fair.
11 years old- moving to a new city again and leaving everyone I know. Not fair.
14 years old- experiences other cultures and sees other people with nothing. Not fair.
19 years old- realizes that I know the God who created the world & everyone in it, while others don’t. Not fair.

We all go through progressions in life of events or circumstances that we deem to be unfair, some things more than others, but in the past few weeks God has been showing me the biggest unfairness in the world. From here on out I’m going to refer to it as the biggest undeserved blessing in the world—That is to know Him.

A few weeks ago the Lord brought me to a night of prayer and worship with some radical believers who had opened up their home for us to gather. After leaving that night, the Lord was pressing on my heart so much, and I could clearly feel Him urging me to press into that and find out what He was saying to me. So I drove to place where I could be alone with the Lord and pray. 

After a while of praying and not feeling much, I suddenly began to weep uncontrollably. It hit me so hard I could barely breathe - It was suddenly the perfectly clear realization that I had done absolutely nothing to pursue God, but that He pursued me so fervently that I now have a relationship with Him. Not just this, but why did I of all people have this relationship? Why did I get to be born into a family that would teach me about the goodness of God? Why did I get to be born and raised in a country where I have enough to eat, running and clean water, and so many opportunities for education- evidences of God’s provision and grace? Why do I get to know God, and other people go their entire life never hearing of the Good News of Jesus Christ? How is that fair? 

Fast-forward to earlier this week—Domu, a brother in the faith from Indonesia, comes to speak to our class. A man who also received the biggest undeserved blessing in the world, and who is a brother almost completely surrounded by those who do not know God. In the few minutes that he has to speak to us, what does he make sure that we know? That we have been given the most incredible gift in the world— to know and have a relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of life, the One who has power to forgive and make new, the Perfect Sacrifice that takes away the sins of the world—and that we have a responsibility to those who don’t know to share this life-altering gift with them.

Domu looked me right in the eye and told me of how someone from Germany had risked his life many years ago to travel to Domu’s people group in Indonesia and live among them to tell them of the incredible gift of relationship that God offers to whoever would believe. He asked me how it was fair that he was able to be raised in a tribe that knew God, when almost everyone in his nation had no knowledge of who God truly is. Domu, a man who comes from halfway across the world and has lived many more years than me, was experiencing the very same unfairness that I was. And it moved him to action.

Domu made sure that he used his few minutes with us to urge us to lessen the gap- the gap between those who know and those who don’t, the gap between those in relationship with Christ and those who have never learned that relationship is possible. He asked me how he could live knowing that someone risked their life to share the Gospel with his people and not go and do the same.

So after these few weeks, I’m left with one burning question- How do I steward this remarkably incredible gift I’ve been given and don’t deserve? 

The Lord has been so faithful in prodding and guiding my heart to the answer- to Himself. I simply ask that you join me in petitioning the Lord. Let us pray for clarity and understanding of who He is. They ask fervently for the boldness to speak and live Christ. Let us pray for the opportunities and means to go and share. Let us petition our God for a heart that breaks with compassion for those who have yet to hear. 

**This post was contributed by an Illuminate Nations Intern

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