Now is the Time

Jesus is teaching me that getting rid of a selfish life is the beginning of relentless, daring, brave, and sacrificial love found by beholding what he did on the cross. It opens our eyes to the urgency of lost souls and it opens our eyes in a different way, in a global way: through his lens!

I will not hide anymore. I can’t stay calm to the gift that billions of people have never heard of. This is a reality that follows an adventure of obedience and passion for the Great Commission, for the sake of my bridegroom.

Jesus is extending an invitation for this generation to follow him in an unusual and radical way. He is calling a generation to bravery, daring to surrender their lives to a greater vision. Awake O sleeper! There is something bigger than our personal dreams and desires.

Now is the time, beloved one, to say yes and to mean it.

Now is the time to let selfishness die and let in the Father’s dreams to make our hearts alive and aligned with His global purpose and original design.

Now is the time to refuse to complacency and fear.

Now is the time to be willing to live in constant discomfort. Oh listen, generation of God! The Lamb is worth it all!

Now is the time to say, “Here I am Lord, I will be your messenger and if nobody else responds, may my heart break even more with willingness to do whatever it takes to touch unreached grounds with no access to the Gospel. I will do anything as a response to your blood.”

Now is the time to let this inspiration turn into activation because Jesus is actively moving even in the darkest of places.

Now is the time to lay it all down. Yes, everything: burdens, distractions, fears, disappointments, discouragement, guilt, selfishness, insecurities, lies, and complacency, to let the TRUTH in.

Now is the time to become intentional.

Now is the time to obsessively love Jesus. He gets rid of our human eyes and replaces them with his divine vision and intentionality with all people. We get to see souls in a different way, not avoiding them but caring for them because their Creator cares. Find me, Oh God, urgently caring to take the most beautiful news and pioneer it in dry and untouched.

Let’s dare to give our lives for a higher purpose. Let’s find our hope again in the word of God. Let’s dare to carry the Father’s kindness that leads to repentance. There is something profound about saying, “yes” and meaning it. The risk is worth it, for He who gave his blood and will come back is worth it all, so take courage, beloved one, and GO.  Let's make Him our greatest pleasure, melting before him, constantly reacting to His love, and not resisting His beauty.

Now is the time. 

**Post contributed by Illuminate Nations Exposure Trip member

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