Nepal is ...


Trying to explain what God is doing in Nepal is like trying to explain color to someone who only sees in black and white.

There are no words that can fully grasp the vastness of God’s presence there. Nepal is beautiful and life-changing. It is amazing and kind and moving and so, so much more than I can put into words. The Lord, He is awakening souls and offering lives that are for freedom to a nation that is anchored in fear.

From the outside, Nepal seems so closed off to God. The country tries it’s best to not let the Truth thrive through the city streets but the Spirit is there, constantly gripping the hearts of the nation.

The people are receptive the Lord, they are longing for personal relationship with the Father who created them. Pastors risk it all just so the Nepali people can have a glimpse of who Jesus Christ is. Wives are so selfless in giving up everything to support their husbands in furthering the Kingdom of God, they truly are the bond keeping their families together.

The Christians of Nepal quietly strive on to pursue a God they know is bringing breakthrough to their own cities. They strive to bring the love of Christ to a country who goes against the very thought of Jesus Christ.

Nepal is unexplainable. It is freedom and joy. Nepal is glory.

**Post contributed by an Illuminate Nations Exposure Trip member

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