Into Your Calling

There is a story that aches to be told. A story that has far been buried ‘neath the rungs of inward disparity. The flailing fingers of this story wrap around the heart, yearning to be released through mouths or the tips of fingers. Sometimes you feel a boom inside your chest, a muted shout in your ears, a timely notion on your mind. This is the anthem waging to be released: the story that is waiting for you to choose to finally say “no” to fear and “yes” to your calling. 

We as humans are all up of muscle fibers, fragment of bone, DNA strands…and purpose

The dreams that seed oft do not bloom into their fullness until years after initial planting. Is it that we do not know of their presence until the onset of final manifestation? This should not be. Lo, every human soul is inherently endowed with an ever increasing and unrelenting marvel: a dream inspired by the Creator God himself

Passivity is the sure tombstone to any purpose, no matter it’s simplicity or grandeur. To stifle a dream or talent or possession is to agree to the pity of outright sin. 

Pionies look lovely in a window sill, don’t they? Wrapped in rays of sunlight that peer through the child’s paw-printed glass. Oh, but What would be if the seedlings decided not to budge: not to move forward in the process laid out for it? What bout of great potential would go untapped if it refused to take hold of its destiny…the one thing it was made for? There would sit the saddest vessel in the window sill, long awaiting blossoms to fill it’s abyss. Complacent. Unused. Unenjoyed.

I pen this all to say: The time is now. Thrown off the bow lines of excuse and step into that which you know you are called to.

Illuminate Nations