Hungry for the Nations

As Christians, we have to lay down all our burdens and fears. We cannot let anything hold us back. I used to be the type of person who was scared, and I would just go with the flow of everyone else. Being in college and around so many faith-driven people, I have learned so much. God has placed so much on my heart, and it has made me realize I cannot just sit back. There are so many people around the world who have not heard the name Jesus, and it BLOWS MY MIND.

I have changed my major so many times, and it used to worry me a lot, not knowing what I wanted to do. But God has a plan. I never thought missions was what God was calling me to do, but I have learned it is not about me. If God wants me to go to the nations, then I am going. I am letting go of all my fears. He has been stirring inside my heart, and I am ready to go. We are called to live our lives for God. He is more than enough. Jesus lives inside of me, and I want to use my life for something bigger. I don’t know when I am going to die, it could be tomorrow for all I know. That’s what makes me want to work even harder and do the best I can to share the Holy Spirit with non-believers. I am letting God take my heart, and help change lives. It is so crazy to think that I have the power to change a life.

As a generation, we have so much available to us, yet we take so much of it for granted. We are able to be open about our religion, and go to church as we please.
Don't you realize, A lot of places do not have that.
The gospel is not meant to just be stored away and kept for one person, it needs to be shared to every human possible. As believers, we have the answer that can solve a person’s problem.

Our sins have been paid for.

How can we just walk around, knowing so many do not know God? We are living for Him. We were made in His image – no one else’s.

College has taught me a lot about myself, and I have had many highs and lows. God is still greater. I have been hurt, and so has my family. But God is still greater. Every situation, good or bad in your life, God is greater.

I may not have the finances to go on a trip right now. But if it is God’s will, He will provide. I would never be able to do this alone.

Being a Christian is not always easy, especially when you have some friends and family who aren’t. Temptations come in, and the enemy tries to reel you in. However, God has chosen us. He has chosen us and he knows our purpose.

We are setting examples for others and young people look up to us. I want to be that example. I want to be that example to my friends who have chosen to not believe, and to the many others who worship other gods and chose a different religion. That will not stop me from sharing love with them and teaching them about God’s love.

We are called to GO TO THE NATIONS, to spread the word. This generation needs to start now. We need to form an army - because unbelievers need the truth that the Gospel brings. 

It is time. It is time to take your talents and your love for Christ and go. Let go and let God.

Do not let fear bring you down. We do not have time for fear. God has commanded us to be strong. He is with you. He is love. He gave us everything. We just have to have faith, and GO.

I want to serve God to the fullest. I want to live every day to the fullest. Jesus IS WORTHY. Whether we are called to go to the Middle East, or just stay here in the States, Jesus is inside us, and we need to share Him.

We have to give EVERYTHING, because God gave EVERYTHING.

Jesus is calling me to the nations and I am going to go. I am not going to let fear stop me. We have a rad God guys, and He does not want us to just sit on the side-lines and be quiet.

**This post was contributed by an Illuminate Nations intern

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