Generation Arising

Addressing Selfish Ambition and exchanging it for a Life of Being a Servant

I believe that living the kind of servant-hood Jesus modeled means laying down
our agendas in order to pick up the agenda of Jesus. I believe the agenda of
Jesus can be found by looking outside of ourselves— by looking to Jesus, to His
word and to the ones He has placed around us.

I believe laying down selfish ambition means laying down self-introspection. I
believe being rid of selfish ambition means looking around to the ones beside
you, the ones that God has placed to run with you.

I believe being rid of selfish ambition means giving others the permission to out
run you. It’s asking them what is the dream has God placed on your heart;
because, I want to serve that dream, because that is the Father’s dream and I
believe it’s a dream that will awaken, catalyze and release servant-hearted
messengers to the ends of the earth. I believe servant-hearted messengers are
the ones that will lay it all down to out serve one another in love and to win the
heart of a generation with the message of Jesus.

Jesus the servant of all, the one that was beaten beyond recognition came and
died so that the dream of His Father’s heart could become a reality. The Father’s
dream is to come close to you. The Father’s dream is to be friends with you. The
Father’s dream is that you would have peace and eternal friendship with Him.
Jesus came. He served. While looking to His Father, He was crying out for you.
While looking to His Father, He was dying for you. He died for you. He loved and
He served to the very end.

Who will be the ones that say YES God, I will serve, I will go, I will live among the
least of these, I will love the unlikely, I will love and serve to the very end God, so
that at the name of your Son every knee will bow and every tongue confess that
you are Lord - to the glory of God the Father
. I believe that Jesus is asking who
will be the ones that serve with this kind of love that exchanges our agenda’s for
the agenda of Jesus.  


**This post was contributed by an Illuminate Nations Intern

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