My typing cursor continues to blink its patient eyes at me on the screen, awaiting my next words. What more could I even say?

Enthralled by the beauty of Jesus.

In this season, the reality of seemingly-mundane miracles have captured my every affection. Realities such as the way breath is pumped into balloon-like, pliable lungs, the way tendons and fibrous ligaments so strategically flex over fixed bone as we walk; the way bouts of fiery illumination fill the blackened canvas of a night's sky without effort. Ah, the way that unseen roots of a twig-like towering tree is what keeps it stout in the midst of a mighty storm. Incredible 

Miracles such as the way the mechanics of the human mind causes it to lapse and recall and render. The way that mere thoughts have the power to induce such powerful emotion. The way vocal cords brush together to cause vibration, which enables belts of angelic song to rise from within the abyss of the inward body...the way that fears become girded and breathless under the weight of obedience.

Realities such as these are ever-constant, always available to be the source of awe. How often do we take time enough to ponder and behold?

It all comes from beholding the beauty of Jesus.

When, even for a moment, we take time to see God's artist hand lined in the world around us, we become realigned. Reminded. Reassured. 

Thus, giving us the courage to walk in all that which we have been called to in Christ Jesus. 

When we walk in obedience, it pulls on a thread from the fabric of heaven. It changes things. 

The Lord has been teaching me this lesson for quite some time. However, it seems that this understanding is growing deeper as the days pass. My friend reminded me today of a conversation that we had at her lakeside Michigan cottage a couple summers ago. "I feel the Lord calling me to lead, I just don't know how. I feel the Lord beckoning me into an even higher purpose than the one I am walking in now. Why have I been so afraid to step into it?," I pronounced then. Two and a half years have passed since that conversation. Oh, how my world has been turned upside down (in the best of ways) since then. I find that every single passion of mine is blossoming, nearly every prayer that I dared to utter is coming to fruition. The Lord has placed me in strategic and wild positions of leadership; my vision is expanding as my heart has become awakened all the more. The glory is falling faster and fiercer than I ever could have imaged. Even my loftiest dreams are looking small in light of what is on the horizon. I am learning to dream biggercatalyze further, and surrender sweeter

It is often that I sit on the floor, with my back against the bed and billowing tears in my eyes: in awe. I am enthralled by the beauty of Jesus. I am overcome  with the power of His grace and the goodness of His loving artists hand. This is the result of saying "yes" to Him, finally surrendering to Him rather than fear.

My friend, may this encourage you to take hold

He has put a dream inside of you. He is calling you to take of it; to finally step into the adventure of obedience

I entreat, challenge, inspire, encourage--whatever word works for you--to just say "yes".
Step. Move. Rise. 

When you choose to finally stand up from your waging and put your feet to moving in the direction toward what the Lord has impressed upon your heart, you too will become too enchanted and enthralled by His beauty. 


Illuminate Nations