Drawn Close

It was one week ago when my friend and I unexpectedly found ourselves in the dark, outside of the gates of a Hindu Temple. This temple is a place where Hindus from Nepal and India come to die and be cremated; because they believe if they die there, they will come back into their new life as a human. Needless to say,it is a dark place.


When I realized where we were at, instead of getting panicked, I began to joyfully pray saying, "Jesus! Thank you for bringing us this far. Thank you for bringing us to this place to worship you, to invite you to come!” As we walked through the park beside the temple, passing sadhus (religious holy men) and monkeys, we began to worship and let our hearts erupt with praise and thanksgiving to the one true living God. For me, this moment was a time of breakthrough of courage. My heart was catalyzed to welcome Jesus wherever my feet may go. 


After we walked through the park we found a bus stop that would take us home.When we got on the bus, we knew we didn’t have enough money but we were confident that God would provide. While standing on the bus thinking about the past couple hours I said, “Jesus, you're going to have to break my heart for what breaks your's again." On the bus He said, “It breaks my heart that you & that the people I created won't be vulnerable with me.” It was on the bus where God spoke to my heart so deeply. God can give us all the dreams and visions we ask for but it is not going to sustain us for the long haul. What will sustain us for the long hall is being close (vulnerable) with Him. When you are so close (vulnerable) to a friend you know their heart, you know why they wake up in the morning and what drives them. What drove Abraham to a place he didn’t know? Closeness with God. What drove the Father to send His son? Closeness with His people. What has driven men and women for centuries to move to a place that is foreign and unfamiliar? Closeness with the Father. 


I've been asking the question what has driven me, to be dropped off at a place I have never been to before, where most of the time I have no idea where I am and can not communicate because of the language barrier. It’s because there is something deep inside, a pinning, to be put in a place that forces me to become so dependent and close to the one that has fashioned me for intimacy & closeness with Him. When asking God why I was in this nation, He said for closeness. I want to be close to Him. He wants to be close to me. He wants to be close to those that are dwelling in a dark and weary land. That's why He sends us to go. 


So I challenge and ask you, what is drawing you in - the ways of the world or the ways of the Father? What drives you - the American dream or the dream of the Father to draw close to His children? 



Illuminate Nations