Coming Home

Coming home from Nepal everyone always said the reverse culture shock back in the States is always a lot worse than the shock when you first get to the country you were serving in. I didn’t realize how evident that was until I was hysterically crying about how extremely privileged we are to have what we have in the United States. Our access to Jesus is so simple. We can drive down any street and find a perfectly good Christian Church, with perfectly loving Christian people. Honestly, I have never felt as blessed as I did brushing my teeth under clean water coming from my bathroom sink while getting ready for my first Sunday back at my home church in California.

In the nations, specifically in Nepal, life doesn’t look that way. They don’t have clean water or easy access to churches. Many of the people don’t know who Jesus Christ is, and if they do they aren’t able to openly share about Him. The Christians of Nepal risk their lives regularly to just have one simple conversation with a Nepali man or woman explaining to them the depth of the love Jesus Christ had for us that we would die on a cross in the place of every single person God has ever created. Still, so many people in the nation have no idea who Jesus Christ is, was, or who He is to come.

One day in Nepal, we interviewed a man there who is living his life in Nepal doing long-term missions work. One of the key lines I wrote down while listening in on the interview was, “It is such an injustice that hundreds of people in Nepal have no idea who Jesus is.” I truly believe every single person’s heart in the room broke as soon as that line came out of his mouth. What an injustice it is that people throughout all the Nations, not just Nepal, have no idea they have a Savior who is waiting to greet them into His kingdom. A Savior that wants their hearts and wants to do amazing things with their lives.

Yet we sit here in the comfort of our sweet homes and churches and lives in the States while people are dying without knowing they are created by a God who thought of them before they were even born. These people, could quite possibly be robbed of a life eternal with God because no one is going to tell them they are so loved. We are called to go. We are called to every nation until every last person knows the name of Jesus Christ and what he has done for them. God is calling you to walk alongside Him in healing the sick, fixing the broken, and replacing fear with freedom. He is calling you. Will you answer?

**Post contributed by an Illuminate Nations Exposure Trip team member

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