Close to Home: The Earthquake from a Nepali's Perspective

Though the fig tree doesn’t bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fruit produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my savior.
— Habakkuk 3:17-18

The April 25th, 2015, Saturday, 11:56 am was the awful moments for whole Nepali people. All the Nepalese people were living normal lives just as before but no one knew what would be happened within 30 second. With Moment magnitude of 7.8 MW from about 15 km (9.3 mile) depth an Earthquake triggered Nepal’s several districts of hilly region and within 30 second; this earthquake took thousands of people’s lives, hundreds of thousands made homeless. My own village also didn’t spare from this earthquake devastation.


None of our villager’s house left safe by Earthquake. The houses are totally destroyed from bottom to top and made just the piles of stones, mud and woods.

The previous houses designees are just recorded in the timeline of history. The lands are crumbled and cracked so badly. People are moved to safe place under the trees and tents. The lands are cracked by earthquake and crumbled everywhere. As rainy season is near; people are afraid with landslide in the rainy season.


My village was a Historical village on Christian Faith. 47 years ago; the gospel was brought by a very poor porter name called Suk. An unbearable persecution occurred against Christian faith after 3 years of gospel was preached. All the believers forcefully compelled to leave the village by persecutors. The believers scattered from this village to other parts of the country but it was God’s plan on their lives. Where ever they went they expanded kingdom of God and they able to reach for more people for Christ.

My dad and my uncle didn’t have any options for surviving out of the village so they lived in the village even though there was huge and unbearable persecution taking place. But there was God’s special plan on their lives and for the villagers.

They spent times in the caves and jungles with crying of supplication to add more believers. God heard their prayers; Slowly the persecutors and villagers accepted Christ as their savior. Not only these villager but other villagers around this village also accepted Christ as their savior and villages to villages converted in Christ through these two brothers as well as other brothers too. God worked mightily through these two uneducated brothers.

Churches are established. This church building was the built on the same place/ground where the believers were brutally beaten and irrigated by their blood on it. This earthquake; completely destroyed the church building but I know our believers faith never can destroy by such devastation. We need to rebuild the building again for His glory as well as to continue the History.


There is a only one primary Level School in our village. It was also made by stones, muds and woods. As the earthquake hit on it; it’s totally damaged and no more place for children to go to school. So the children and teachers are uncertain when the school will be reopened? I able to talk with the Headmaster of this school about when and how school will be reopened again but he seemed very sad and told me no idea when and how? I request you to pray for the school building so that we can make sure that we could send these poor children in the school. Please pray for their schools things they have lost their books, copies, pens, school bags, uniforms and everything.


The villagers are just digging their ruined houses day after day with sweat and tears by expecting for finding something saved for their lives but all their labor with great expectation being worthless and vain because they are getting nothing except dusts and mud mix some crops from the dig down. Most of the people are working alone because everybody has a same problems what to eat, where to sleep and how can make survive their families in this devastation.

People are in big shocks for losing their families and relatives. Voices of crying, weeping for condolence to their lost family members can be heard. Some of them lost their mom and dad, some of them lost their children. Some families have lost three four family members in the earthquake. They are in big shock now. They are trying to forget their lost but the hearts don’t easily forget all their beloved ones so the bouquet of wail and lamentation is being offered their lost ones.


By God’s grace and mercy; we able to reach in our village, see them, talk with them and share some tiny gifts to them. I thank God; to each of our friends and families who supported for this Relief Aid. We able to distribute 150 traps, 150 Blankets, 150 flash lights and 5000 kg beaten rice to the villagers. This is a very remote village in the northern part of Nepal.

On 13th, May we started for second Trip Relief Aids with 10200kgs Rice, Traps and 332meter Black. It was another horrible day in our lives because we had another one of the biggest Earthquake while we were on the way.

We couldn’t reach that day in the destination so needed to spend a night on the way. The place was in the foothill, surrounded by jungle between two rivers. The place was so dangerous because many people been killed and looted on that area. We also were so scary but there wasn’t any other option except spending a night there.

God was so gracious to us that night; as we reached there; one of our people knew that we were there so he inform the police station for security. The 3 armies and 5 polices were sent to give security to us and the Relief Aids. They spent whole nights around us and gave us security whole nights and till our Relief Aids are distributed completely.

I praise the Lord for sending these arm forces for our security. Latter on; I heard that the robbers had come there in the night but they saw the security guards so robbers got back to their own places. What a mighty God is the Lord.

We might be looted, we might be killed but I praise God because we were engraved in His palms.
— Isaiah 49:16

And the angels of the Lord camped around us and he rescued us. ~ Psalms 34:7

The villagers were so happy and thankful for this Relief Aids even though it was received for getting Relief Aid. Even though people are living under the Traps they are worshiping the Lord even from inside the Trap. God is good all the time.

-Kyle Hotchkiss 

*This post was contributed by a christian leader based in Kathmandu

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