I've got to say, one of the sweetest moments from Nepal was seeing the Himalayas after days of waiting for the clouds to clear. 

In Nepal, almost all the houses have these super sweet terraces on the roofs. So, our last day in Pokrah I took the stairs to the top of the church we were staying in. It was early, early enough that I was the only person from the team awake.
It’s 6 a.m. I sit down on one of the square pillars at the top, surrounded by clothes hanging on lines to dry. It was so much sunnier than the past few days had been. Then there is was the crazy huge peaks of the Himalayas. Now, I’ve been quite a few places and have seen some crazy views, but I promise you nothing compares to that sweet little morning at 6 a.m.

Strangely enough, this was such an important part of my time in Nepal. I know that moment may seem so minuscule compared to the rest of the amazing things we did while living in a different country for two weeks. God has a funny way of using moments like that one. In the stillness of sitting on the top off a roof in a country across the world from my home, looking at snow-capped mountains in the middle of July, I saw God. 


**Post contributed by an Illuminate Nations Exposure Trip team member

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