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There are over thirty children gathered together….

In a brand new classroom in a remote village in Northern India. This brand new school is the one of four that have been started this year as the beginning of the 20 by 2020 project. Illuminate Nations has committed with the help of our partners overseas to open, fund, and lead over 20 different schools for uneducated children by the year 2020.

Our goal is to educated children that have no opportunity at school otherwise because of their class, gender, religion, or family background. Our hope is to see transformation come on a community level as these kids begin to learn skills that will shape and create their future. We are starting schools in areas where churches have already begun and with the help of local pastors and believers will be able to use the Gospel to influence future generations.

Each child that becomes educated will have an opportunity to learn basic skills and to grow in faith and in the knowledge of God. These future leaders will be given the opportunity to not become just another statistic but rather a fulfillment of everything that God has spoken over their lives.

Current School Count

4 of 20

In order to reach our goal of funding twenty schools we need to open a school almost every month. Each school of thirty to forty students can be funded for only $150 per month. To sponsor a school or to get more information please contact us at hello@illuminatenations.org

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